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“The optimal support of ReqPOOL in the requirements specification and supplier selection enabled us to adhere to a tight schedule and the transparent selection of the implementation partner. ReqPOOL was also very helpful during the project implementation.”

Dipl. Ing. Helmut Paulitsch

Project managers

A well-founded requirements analysis for the new development of a mechatronic system was carried out for the Group. The optimal implementation partner was selected in a two-stage tendering process.
ReqPOOL supported the customer in the demand-oriented requirements analysis of the existing mechatronic system and in the collection of additional functionalities required. The specifications and the coordination of the requirements took place in the ReqPOOL requirements management system “ReqPOOL Suite”.
By using the innovative ReqPOOL Suite, the documentation of the requirements and the communication of the participants could be significantly simplified and automated. The high-quality specification resulted in savings in time and resources throughout the project.



The process of “supply to customer” is to be harmonized and streamlined across regions. In joint workshops, a SHOULD process is defined and the differences to the respective IST processes are identified and presented transparently.

to proceed

  • Analysis of the existing process
  • Workshop on the common definition of the SOLL process
  • Discussion of differences and harmonisation of processes
  • Derivation of requirements for the system landscape
  • Derivation of further necessary measures


  • Harmonisation of the processes “dissancing system to customer”
  • Streamlining processes
  • Unification of tool usage in this process
  • Modeling the processes

Customers » BrauUnion

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