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Energie AG Upper Austria was founded in 1892. It is an energy and services group for electricity, gas, heat, water, waste management and ICT services.

The Energy segment comprises the Group’s core business and comprises all stages of the value chain of the electricity business, from generation to distribution to purchase and sale as well as the natural gas and heat sectors.
As an infrastructure group, it supplies electricity to more than 450,000 customers via the 30,000-kilometre high- and low-voltage grid and natural gas via the 5,000-kilometre underground pipeline network. Energie AG generates part of the electricity in its own 74 power plants (hydropower plants, thermal power plants and recycling plants, large-scale photovoltaic power plants and decentralized photovoltaic citizen power plants, wind turbines) according to the highest ecological Standards.

In total, more than 4,000 employees are employed and sales of EUR 1,600 million were generated in the 2017/2018 financial year.


The emergence of a mobile WFM system

Energie AG Upper Austria managed to do so without its own workforce management system until 2019. In the past, this has led to high process costs for network construction and technical development, overlaps in activities and projects and inefficients in internal communication.

For this reason, a preliminary study on cost-benefit analysis of WFM systems was conducted. This has clearly demonstrated that a mobile WFM system can save significant costs and speed up processes within a short period of time. A subsequent market analysis analyzed standard WFM systems. However, due to the special requirements of Energie AG and the need for tenders in accordance with the Federal Procurement Act, it was decided to specify and advertise an individualised system.

Since Energie AG OÖ has the highest quality standards, the expertise of ReqPOOL’s specialists has been drawn in. Due to many years of cooperation with Energie AG, ReqPOOL has already gained experience with the tough quality criteria of Energie AG OÖ in previous projects. The common basis of trust facilitates project implementation.


An efficient request survey: The Scope document

The main requirement for the future WMF system was clear: it must be a work facilitation for the mobile employees in the field. To date, for example, the installers on site have to check several e-mail programs in order to retrieve orders, because they could not be brought together in a meaningful way. For simplicity, orders are now grouped together in the digital WFM system. The first kick-off took place in January 2019.

Requirements survey: Due to the existing expertise of ReqPOOL with WFM systems in the energy sector, it was possible to set up an already existing catalogue of requirements. Within just 2 months, regular workshops with the department requirements were tailored to Energie AG OÖ. This was followed by an iterative process from coarse to fine granularity of information. Existing requirements for Energie AG OÖ could be adapted, new requirements could be created or modules could be omitted.

The main objective was to keep to the tight schedule of Energie AG and thus to be able to start implementation at the end of 2019. The best-practises and template catalogues from ReqPOOL played a major role in this.

Tendering process: After the award criteria for an EU-wide best bidder tender were determined in purchasing workshops and the catalogue of requirements was already very advanced by the end of March, the two-stage call for tenders was able to to start. As of April, applications for participation were published with specific use cases. Already in May there were the first feedback from up to 30 providers. At the beginning of July, the complete tender documents, including all requirements, were completed and sent out.

After a presentation phase in September 2019, the selection of the implementer and the kick-off will take place in November 2019. ReqPOOL supports in hearings as well as in the evaluation of quotations as well as the negotiation of the project contract.

After the start of implementation, it has already been determined that ReqPOOL will support the project management of Energie AG with experts in requirements management, process management, agile procedures (SCRUM) as well as testing and acceptance over the entire project period. Another important point is the design of the GUI. Here, too, ReqPOOL has gained experience in WFM systems.


What will the solution all – Future prospects:

The mobile WFM system will make the deployment planning and order control of up to 500 employees and third-party companies in the field more efficient than before. It will offer on-site fitters the opportunity to create new orders, as well as to retrieve and store project-relevant data and times. It will provide employees in the back office with the opportunity to write meaningful reports and to plan projects more easily. This makes the entire workflow and communication of all employees easier.

Due to the success of the project, further follow-up projects have already been agreed between Energie AG and ReqPOOL.


Customers» Energy AG

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