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The Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU) is one of the younger universities and is the largest science and education company in Upper Austria.

During the development of a strategy to strengthen JKU’s position in the educational landscape, ReqPOOL was used to accompany and support JKU in the process.



The objectives were to collect the current status and the importance of IT in the organisation, as well as to collect the requirements of the entire rectorate, selected experts and strong stakeholders for a new IT strategy.

All developed content and requirements had to be grouped together in a structured structure on a maximum of 20 pages. This document will serve as a guideline for decisions to implement and prioritise all IT initiatives for at least three years.

to proceed

  • Actual analysis
    • Analysis of existing documentation, databases and collections of existing systems and current jKU projects
  • Creation of a system map
  • Preparation of an interview guide and execution of interviews
  • Raising the requirements for the new IT strategy
  • Workshops including preparation and follow-up


  • Executed and finalized

Customers» Johannes Kepler University Linz

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