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For meter reading, pipeline construction, house connections and transformer stations – companies in the energy sector have a flexible, mobile workforce. The coordination of employees, work materials and project orders is often complex and decentralised. Mobile, digital workforce management systems (WFM) are used here. These mobile systems are used to plan resources, collect data in the field and analyze project data. A strong connection to the in-house ERP systems is mandatory. ReqPOOL introduces WFM systems to many customers. We are a reliable partner in implementation – from requirements and process specification to EU tendering and acceptance.





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Energie AG - Digiwork

Energie AG Upper Austria managed to do so without its own workforce management system until 2019. In the past, this has led to high process costs for network construction and technical development, overlaps in activities and projects and inefficients in internal communication.

Robotic Process Automation

An important pillar in the digitalization of a company is the automation of frequently performed processes. This not only increases the availability of employees, often key resources, but also the quality of execution.

An automation project starts with the identification of suitable processes that are interesting for automation both in frequency and content. These processes are then described in detail so that they can be automated.

Automation in the field of highly individualized software systems in the energy sector is technically challenging. Each of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools on the market has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, automation with proprietary tools such as “SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation” may be a better way.

ReqPOOL is available as a neutral partner for automation projects with its experts – from preparation to process identification, analysis, description and automation with various tools to the operation of the robots. Independent of manufacturer, both for systems to be automated and for the automation software used.


Large organizations generate a lot of demand. In the energy sector, ReqPOOL customers usually have at least hundreds, but often thousands of consumers who have to be supplied by the purchasing department. In the age of digitalization, our customers rely on modern e-procurement systems to increase efficiency. Self-service is thus becoming the new standard procedure in online webshops. The challenge here is to map all suppliers, release processes, order limits and exceptions in the organizational units. SaaS systems are now increasingly being procured. Nevertheless, the interface to the internal ERP system is extremely important. ReqPOOL helps with specialist, IT and process knowledge from strategy, data and process analysis to acceptance.


The aim of the project “eProcurement” is the introduction of a web-based, company-wide eProcurement platform with strong connection to SAP.

Bottleneck- Management

For a long time, the management of energy bottlenecks in Austria’s electricity grids was a manual task performed by a few experts. Only a few years ago, only a few bottlenecks per month had to be compensated by Europe-wide generation adjustments. The shift towards volatile, renewable energy sources is increasing the need for comprehensible, fast and digital management of the bottlenecks throughout Europe. Today, energy worth hundreds of millions of euros is constantly being shifted between producers and network operators through the management of bottlenecks. ReqPOOL digitises network control with its customers – audit-proof, fast and professionally competent.


EPM Modules

Tender platform control reserve

In order to guarantee the security of supply of energy in networks, the occurring imbalance between production and consumption must be compensated and stabilised by continuous regulation. This is one of the core functionalities of every network operator, which ensures in advance that control reserves are available for primary, secondary and tertiary control and this is done with international or national tendering platforms. Due to the constant changes in the energy market, new regulatory requirements and increased cooperation in Europe, these also place increased demands on IT systems. Existing IT systems in this area are mostly individual developments which no longer meet the current increased requirements for adaptability to these environmental conditions. Together with its customers, ReqPOOL analyses and digitises tendering platforms for control reserve – quickly and professionally competent and makes these systems fit for the future.

OT/IT Security Management Systeme – OSMS/ISMS – according to NIST

CSF/IEC 62443s

The increasing complexity and networking of assets – from client/server systems and workstations to control elements in plants – allows new use cases in all industries. But it is also a major challenge in the field of cyber security. Whether IT or OT, the threats are becoming more realistic, the networks more vulnerable, and the impact of failures and data loss potentially greater. As a result of the NIS Directive, legislation is now being created at the highest European level to provide an incentive to make our systems more secure. Audits according to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the standards from IEC 62443 are the consequence for many of our customers. We help to establish IT/OT – Security Management Systems (ISMS/OSMS) which allow companies to manage IT and cyber security holistically and to increase their security standards company-wide. From the construction and estimation of project portfolios to their implementation and individual process or system introductions – ReqPOOL is your competent partner.

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