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Management consulting for software

Management consulting for software

The self-adapting company

The growing amount of complexity in our everyday life requires the use of self-learning algorithms. With the worldwide networking of all devices and people and the exponentially increasing amount of data, we are reaching the limit of what is humanly controllable. With artificial intelligence we make this complexity controllable again and we remain the decision makers.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a topic that is receiving more and more attention in today’s business world. Process and procedure automation accompany companies and organizations on the way to digitalization and increase their competitiveness in the market through more efficient and faster process flows …

About us

We are more than 60 consultants with a passion for digital transformation and software.

We love to think along with you and to support you wherever possible. We are IT specialists and entrepreneurs and thus form the interface between two worlds.

Our consultants always see themselves as part of your team – we are passionate about your company, your business models and your ideas.

If we do not agree with you, we give constructive feedback – honesty is a must for us – as well as solutions that help you move forward.

We see ourselves as a dynamic and trustworthy partner with whom you can make your next software procurement project a success.


Our industry-specific know-how



From the automotive industry to the construction sector, whether operations or sales – we get involved, especially in the areas of

  • digital interaction between companies and customers
  • ERP Strategy Consulting
  • Industrial software and IT cost engineering
  • Building Information Modelling and Strategy Consulting

Energy & Supply

For us, this is one of the most exciting topics of the new decade and we are proud to help advance the industry, especially in the following areas:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • eProcurement





Public organizations


They hold society together and we support this 100%. Our solutions make your work easier and help hundreds of thousands. Get an idea of our special knowledge in the following areas:


  • Digital tax systems for citizens and the tax authorities
  • Job portals for the public sector – software archaeology for legacy systems
  • Passenger-oriented information systems for transport companies
  • Strategic consulting for public procurement according to the Public Procurement Act

Banks & Insurances

Regulations and security are not foreign to us, nor is the sale of complex financial products with digital solutions. In these areas we would like to convince you with special know-how:

  • reverse engineering of various systems
  • Development of sales portals
  • Selection and procurement of core systems


Over 200 customers trust ReqPOOL

"The ReqPOOL experts have been actively supporting us in our procurement projects for several years. Thanks to this support, the cooperation between purchasing, IT and department could be consistently optimised and projects implemented in a targeted manner. We trust in the services of ReqPOOL GmbH and continue to rely on their expertise and market know-how.

Lukas Weibold

Procurement Austrian Power Grid AG

APG AG is a stock corporation based in Austria and is majority owned by the Republic of Austria. APG is Austria's transmission grid operator and with about 490 employees is responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the Austrian electricity grid.

"Goal-safe, highly competent, creative and committed, with an immense train to the gate
i would like to characterize ReqPOOL's contributions in our cooperation"

Ing. Mag. Rainer Penzeneder

Head of Project Management Raiffeisen Software

As a software house of the Raiffeisen Banking Group, Raiffeisen Software GmbH provides value-adding, innovative and efficiency-enhancing software solutions in the financial sector.

"The optimal support of ReqPOOL in the requirements specification and supplier selection enabled us to adhere to a tight schedule and the transparent selection of the implementation partner. ReqPOOL was also very helpful during the project implementation."

Dipl. Ing. Helmut Paulitsch

Project managers

A well-founded requirements analysis for the new development of a mechatronic system was carried out for the Group. The optimal implementation partner was selected in a two-stage tendering process.

"With the support of ReqPOOL, we were able to optimize our vendor management processes in a targeted manner and design our structures cost-effectively for the future. The experts at ReqPOOL were a reliable partner for us, especially with their focus on our individual challenges, and were always distinguished by their competence, dedication and flexibility."

Manfred Dittrich

Head of Office Software Development

Ma 01

Through the ReqPOOL workshops, the employees of the Vendor Management team were able to build up valuable knowledge in the field of IT procurement and practical best practice templates were developed to support the daily project process.

"The cooperation with ReqPOOL can be fully relied on even in stormy times of crisis. Despite limited physical cooperation, the design project was completed in the usual high quality and in the planned time and budget."

Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Krejsa

Head of Informatics and Internal Services

Land Sbg

In the Construction Directorate of the State of Salzburg with the departments of Construction, Bridge Construction, Road Construction and State Road Administration, all new construction projects and maintenance of buildings, bridges, roads and tunnels are carried out. The necessary planning and construction services are largely advertised and awarded, as well as controlled and billed. The processes as well as some basic elements of construction projects, such as the cost breakdown of a service directory, are based on ÖNORMen, specifya standard that is adhered to by the construction project managers throughout the department.

ReqPOOL Software Excellence Methodology

Our procedure


How to create digitization and software strategies and best practices for lean software organizations

Digitisation strategy

Successful digital transformation through the right software strategy

Lean Software Organization

Efficient software organization - from programming service provider to solution provider

Business Case and Estimate

Benchmarking and cost-benefit assessment of complex software projects


Agile and classical approach for efficient specification of software applications ready for use in existing applications.

Specification of software

Agile and classic specification of individual software solutions

Software Gap Analysis

Introduction of business software (e.g.: ERP systems) according to best practices and as standard software

Reverse Engineering

Documentation and reverse specification of existing software systems


Methods for procuring software solutions and best practices for tendering digitization projects. The Cost Engineering software deals with detailed cost structure analyses and cost optimizations.

Software Purchasing

Strategic purchasing and tendering of software products and services

Offer benchmarking

Benchmarking and objective evaluation of software offers

Software Cost Engineering

Detailed cost structure analysis and cost optimization for complex software procurements


Methods and best practices for the successful introduction of software solutions. Guaranteed success of software projects through well-integrated scope governance.

Software Scope Governance

Ensure the success of software projects through well-integrated scope governance


Successful and neutral monitoring and introduction of software products

Introduction & Operation

Accompanying the implementation and acceptance of software until successful operation

ERP Software Excellence Methodology

Our unique and independent ERP Software Excellence Methodology (ERP-SEM) enables you to optimize your business processes with the best possible software support.

Comprehensive start-up aid for your ERP project

A first rough analysis can already provide important impulses for the successful start of the project.

Independent examination of the initial situation

The company, the starting position and the requirements for a new system are checked in order to be able to make the basic decisions with future security.

Getting ERP projects back on track

With our comprehensive ReqPOOL project governance, you can get your projects back on track in order to achieve the goals and goals.

Christian Buchegger

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